Consult Chari MacKay (CCM, LLC) is a multi-faceted consulting entity providing a wide variety of customized personal and quality services including DBSi Upgrade Support, Data Merges, Sequel ViewPoint Training, Management Dashboards, DBS/Coda/Rental Man/SAP queries and reports, Robot Job Date Automations, Data Mapping, DBS/iSeries Support, Documentation, Entry Code Mass Update Tool, Interfaces and many other services by request. Numerous dealers rely on Chari’s 33+ years of experience and unique understanding of Caterpillar dealership concepts, practices and procedures to improve processes, reporting and systems support. Chari’s in-depth knowledge of DBS/DBSi data has helped her to integrate several peripheral systems successfully with this core. Chari’s support supplements internal resources to avoid overtaxing core key user personnel and provides quality assistance throughout dealerships. Contact Chari MacKay at 208-388-4279 or for more information. Additional offerings and background details can also be found at