Point of Rental Software’s ERP software, Rental Elite, is powered by our 35+ years in the rental software business. Even more importantly, it’s backed by 600+ years of on-staff rental experience working 24/7 to support our customers. Used by several of the top 100 rental companies worldwide, Rental Elite earned the 2016 Rental Equipment Register Innovative Product Award in computer software and has only improved since adding new user-suggested features with each bi-monthly update. It adapts to the infrastructure of any rental business with a flexible suite of features, hundreds of powerful tools and user-defined KPIs for robust business analytics reporting. It’s also multilingual, making it ideal for global companies looking to streamline their offices. The most forward-thinking businesses in the industry are already seeing increased efficiency and improved reporting by switching to Rental Elite. Contact us at sales@pointofrental.com to join them.