Presidio is one of the largest and most adept providers of advanced technology solutions and services. We are passionate about driving results for our clients, delivering the highest quality of products and services to help them unlock the unlimited potential of a completely connected world.

Presidio recognizes that in today’s business climate, IT investments need to be strategic and practical to have an immediate impact. Our holistic approach blends experience and expertise with proven processes and technologies to satisfy our clients’ technical business objectives, providing significant value differentiation.

As one of the largest solution providers in the U.S., Presidio combines experience and stability with regional expertise and service, so our customers can rest assured we will be there to help you locally with the ability to cover your global business needs.

Presidio partners with technology vendors who drive innovation and are indisputable leaders of the IT industry. Our significant investment with select strategic partners allows us to achieve broad and deep sets of technical capabilities. Presidio has more than 2,700 IT professionals, 1, 200+ of which are highly certified consulting engineers, based conveniently in 59 offices throughout the U.S. Our passion for driving client results is demonstrated by our 97 percent client retention rate and double‑digit annual growth rates for 15+ years.

We are not just trusted partners; we enable new thinking that can benefit our customers now and in the future.